Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Living in the grand positive

Last Sunday Caz talked about the Ten Commandments. He introduced me to a phrase called the “Grand positive,” which he attributed to the scholar Earl Palmer. So, for the commandment “Do not kill,” it’s not enough to just keep that commandment. (Too bad, right? That’s an easy one for me.) The “grand positive” is to treasure life.  What might that look like? This could include taking care of elderly, disabled, and refugees. This could include feeding the hungry. Caz said the grand positive of “Do not commit adultery” is to treasure relationships and families.
            I like to think of the Ten Commandments as boundaries given from parent to children.  The commandments for my children include things like: “Thou shalt not run into the street,” and “though shalt not be rude.” But I want so much more for my daughters. I want them to develop critical thinking to recognize danger. I want them to develop character where being kind is natural.
            I love that we are doing a series on transitions as we are about to begin worshipping in our new building. It’s a natural time to think about who we want to be as a church. I want us to give generously to those in need while treasuring our own families and maintaining healthy boundaries. Let us be a church that does not give meaning to shadows, which is what idolatry really is. Let us be a church that embraces boundaries given by a loving Father and live in the grand positive.

Beth Kropf