Wednesday, October 19, 2016

childcare not chandeliers

I loved how Caz’s message talked about how we will be blessed for giving. Not in a “Prayer of Jabez” kind of way with guaranteed future riches.  If you have ever been the giver or receiver of a monetary gift, you know how powerful it is. We as people are sometimes able to bless others or be blessed.
            When I think of all of the amazing things our church is doing and can continue to do, I want to have ownership in supporting that. We as a church are equipping youth and adults to go into the world. The impact that the individuals in our church can have, and the impact our church can directly have in our community excites me.  Right now, our church is pouring into the lives of women in a Bible study that began with saying that it is okay to not have morning devotionals.  In a Bible study with on-site childcare.  Caz is pouring into the lives of men in an early morning Bible study. I’m not sure what they talk about. But my husband goes so it must be good. Our marriage course gives couples a structured, private place to bear hearts to one another.  With on-site childcare that my 6 year old is excited to go to.
            These are things our church is doing now. Our church spends money on childcare, not chandeliers. I love to think about what we can do in the future, as our kids get older and as we grow.  I want to be a part of it, and see how much impact supporting our church can have.