Friday, January 29, 2010

In the Clouds

Every time I travel overseas, I spend the majority of my flight looking out of the window at the clouds. It is amazing that, amidst all of the chaos and turmoil in this world, these peaceful moments can still exist. This experience is probably one of the few instances that I feel the closest to God. Why is that? I came to the painful conclusion that, during this time, God is not competing for my attention. I am not trying to quickly slot him into the five minutes that I have between meetings or during commercials of my favorite show. During these flights, I can essentially make Him my first and only priority. The sad part is that, all too often, I let my circumstances and schedule dictate the quality of my relationship with my Savior. As a Christian, God promises me this spectacular, life-changing, soul-preserving relationship with Him, any time I want… and the best that I can muster is talking to Him on the plane because I have already seen the in-flight movie. God wants quality time from me, not the left-overs.