Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving 2

This year I am being forced to get out of my holiday 'rut'. For the first time, all of our extended family are out of town and it will be just three of us for Thanksgiving dinner. I was a little depressed about this and told my husband, "I am not going to cook a full-on meal for the three of us and have no one eat it." (My husband and son are notoriously picky eaters). So my husband came up with a great idea - a feast of favorite foods! Each of us have picked 4 favorite foods that we want to eat for our Thanksgiving meal. Some items will overlap and others will not. My son's picks are 1) pepperoni pizza 2) crescent rolls 3) skittles 4) cupcakes. Quite the processed food fest, huh? Not quite what I usually envision when I think of Thanksgiving, but I am the one who said I wasn't cooking a traditional meal.....

As we get closer to the actual holiday I am warming up more and more to the idea of our 'untraditional' meal. I will have most of the day to spend with my family rather than spending most of it in the kitchen. When I sit down to eat this year, I suspect I will actually want to eat rather than being so stressed out and sick of cooking that I don't want to even look at a slice of turkey, let alone eat it. And best of all - I won't have all the china, stemware, and silver to wash after!

I think this might be the best Thanksgiving, yet...but I don't want to hype it up and then be disappointed.

This year, in spite of me, I am actually going to have a Thanksgiving where I might be able to take the advice I gave last week about the holidays - slow down, look at the why of the holiday instead of the how ('how can I make this the perfect day/meal/etc), and remind myself to be thankful for the wonderful family, friends, and life that God has given me.

Chesney Szaniszlo

"I thank my God every time I remember you." Phillipians 1:3