Sunday, September 15, 2013

May we listen

The "Explore God" videos have two of my favorite Christian authors, Lysa Turkhurst and Jennie Allen. Jennie talked about how our life experiences and gifts make us each unique.  The purpose of our lives may not be glaringly obvious each day. I think of our lives as a series of decisions that align us where we need to be. 
It may not be until long after the fact that we realize the significance of certain events and decisions. Moments that were not remarkable to me have been much more remarkable to another person. One of my best friends will remember certain things I said years ago that were just what she needed to hear. I don’t remember all of the conversations, but I know it happened because I was being myself, and had made the decision to go to a certain college where I would meet her. Another day I might tell the story of the dream that called us to Texas from California, and what we have discovered about our purpose here.
 Maybe God is nudging us towards a change great or small. Maybe we feel stuck in a mundane everyday life, but God is preparing us for an intersection that will change our life drastically. May we listen for His guidance, and be brave enough to follow. The world needs us.