Wednesday, November 13, 2013

what I learned from Jim and Pam

Am I the only one who feels too tired to deal with conflict? It is so much easier to stay tight-lipped and act like everything is okay.  It can appear more godly to do that.  But it isn’t honest. In Lysa Turkhurst’s book Unglued, she talked about how stuffing feelings is not any healthier than coming “unglued.” (The book is written to women, but I challenge any man to read it and not find some universal truths)
It is not a good idea to bring injuries into the light in every relationship. But we know the difference between the hurts we need to hide and those we should not.  No one spoil the ending to “The Office,” because I’m still watching it. In the last episode I watched Jim and Pam have a huge conflict to deal with.  Jim wants to leave town for his business trip early to avoid fighting. Pam says, “Don’t go.” He says, “you want to fight on Valentine’s day?” She says, “Yes.” She knew the distance would only become greater if they didn't deal with it. We have to have those fights with our spouses, with those closest to us.  
Let’s have some good, clean fights and get the sin that so easily entangles us off of our chest.