Wednesday, January 1, 2014

imitating Christ

Chapter 5 of “Face to Face with God” by Bill Johnson is called “Jesus: The Face of God.” I keep looking back at my bookmarked pages, and it really is tempting to just post quotes from the book. I feel I have so little to add, but the ideas really need to be shared. In the section titled “The Lord’s Prayer, he said “it’s best to live from what you know to be true in spite of the mysteries that you can’t explain. I cannot afford to stumble over my questions when what I do understand demands a response and commitment. The portrait of God the Father, as seen in Jesus Christ, is wonderfully clear. He deserves the rest of my life as I learn how to imitate Him.”
            What a wonderful focus. What an answer to so many questions. There are so many things we do not have answers to. Or, we focus more on one verse or subject in the Bible and allow it to overshadow who Jesus is and how He responded to others. We are called to imitate Christ. As we come down from the Christmas high, let us learn what it means to imitate Christ. I think it means talking and listening to God constantly. We are instructed to “abide” in Him. The word abide means “breathe hard.” So, this should be a constant part of our life. Imitating Christ means feeding the hungry. Literally. It means treating others with patience and love. Let us resolve to imitate our Savior. We don’t know what 2014 will look like. And yet we can choose to move towards Him or drift away. There are only two options. Are you in?
 Beth Kropf