Saturday, March 1, 2014

we are an official church!

This morning my family had the wonderful opportunity to attend the service where LiveOak was chartered.  I have never been a part of something like this before. It was joyous to see the support we received from other Presbyterians.  We got a standing ovation! I love how many squirming kids we up on the stage. We are a multiplying church! I love the idea of our children having the foundation of a church- this church- as they grow older. Our church has a wonderful legacy and a bright future.
We missed all of the families who weren’t able to be there, especially the ones that I know are as committed to LiveOak as those who were there.  And yet each week we all come together to do this hard work of setting up, tearing down, teaching our wonderful squirming kids. We are a family that is going to do amazing things through God. We are going to build a building to serve our community. We are going to lift up Suzi and her family and watch God heal her. We are going to raise our kids to love God and feel God’s love.   
                                                            Beth Kropf