Friday, January 30, 2015

Walk this Way week 1

Last week’s sermon on idolatry was great. I’m going to list the questions Caz asked for those who were not there, as they are so important to ask.

1.      Do I feel that I have enough money and possessions or do I feel that I want more?
2.      Do I feel that I have enough power and control in my life, or do I need more?
3.      Is there a relationship that I am so attached to that I have to have for my life to be meaningful? Is there a relationship that has unseated God?
4.      What am I willing to betray my values for if I don’t think I’ll get caught?
5.      What desire is so strong that it can warp my thinking; that it can cause me to engage in self-justification, denial and secrecy?

These questions I am sure remove any doubt that we are all guilty of idolatry. As believers we are all aware of the idea of putting God first, but it can be hard to know what that looks like.  I like that Caz pointed out that idols can’t just be removed, they have to be replaced. This is similar with addiction. Someone with an addiction can’t just stop the behavior, the behavior has to be replaced with something acceptable.

I can’t just decide that I need to be content without more money or control. But if I recognize that idol I can challenge the thoughts and not “agree” with them (to reference an earlier blog about “Experiencing the Impossible”). I can confess my shortcomings to God and ask Him to help redirect my thoughts and decisions.

I am excited about learning more about how to walk as a believer, and these questions are a great start. Consider the answers with me. What is your most insidious idol, and how can you drain its power in your life?
Beth Kropf


Anonymous January 31, 2015 at 11:31 AM  

Yes let us move on togethers by faith and in quard of the HOly Spirit in peace and fild of the Power in Christ and do not worry about nothing, but rejoice for our Jesus is coming soon,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

Mommy K February 4, 2015 at 11:47 AM  

Amen, Keijo!