Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Faith for the in-between times

I was able to be in town for Caz's sermon last Sunday  about Jesus taking us out of our comfort zones to new and unfamiliar  places.
 I have felt that way before.  In fact, we're in one of those transition places again now: another move to another state, without knowing exactly what it will be like or what our ministry will be.  Sometimes I feel like Abraham, who "by faith...obeyed and went."   We are moving without having all the answers we wanted ahead of time-- but with the PROMISE that God will go with us-- in fact that He has gone before us and has prepared the path, in ways we can't see yet.  God  doesn't always give us the answers we seek, but He always gives us the promise of His presence.

Sunday the worship team sang a great song, with the opening words being,
     "At the start,  He was there.   In the end...  He will be there."

That is incredibly comforting to me.   Remember when Jesus sends you out to the other side of the lake, far outside of your comfort zone...  He will be going with you.. to show you  how far His healing and power extend.

Pastor Rick