Wednesday, June 17, 2015

there's no feelings in a flood!

Relationship Rifts Part 2

I love how Caz’s sermons are always so focused on what our real life is like, and this series is no exception. His explanation of different traits and how they manifest themselves hit home.  That very day I saw some of the traits come out in Ben, and some in myself. For those that weren’t there, Caz described how there was a flood in the house (I’m not sure if it was real or hypothetical) and he was giving directions and Camie said “Can you say please?” Caz described his surprise and said “There’s no feelings in a flood!”
            What a clear picture of the differences between people. How much stronger would our relationships be if we had a better understanding of others, and their strengths? There are always floods, and there are always feelings. There is a time to just grab towels or an oar and not ask questions. And of course there are always feelings, despite the inconvenience. If feelings are bulldozed, there is a slow leak that can over time lead to a flood much harder to escape.
            I encourage everyone to review Romans 12 and think of it in light of our own strengths as individuals. It is freeing to realize that we don’t need to try to be someone we are not.  And even when it causes conflict, it is good to realize when we are drawn to someone with strengths we do not have. Romans 12 offers such a comprehensive approach for dealing with conflict, and how to keep ourselves in check.  Caz talked about how we need to try to get revenge. I think this applies to not just really obvious measures like gossip or deflating someone’s tire. But how tempting is it to get revenge by sulking and pointing out when we are right? How does this strengthen a relationship? It is so incredibly hard to let go of the need to be right. Who are we to even the score? We so easily forget our own sins. God has given us so much grace. Let’s give grace to each other as we navigate our relationships and our lives.
Beth Kropf