Friday, August 14, 2015

Follow, Believe and Obey

I enjoyed getting to hear from Jimmy Cazin (I hope that is the correct spelling) last week. He talked about how Jesus invited others to follow Him. With his disciples, he did not tell them to get their act together first.  Our church needs to be a place for people who are ready to follow Jesus. I think we would all be uncomfortable if someone walked into the service reeking of alcohol or seeming somehow unchurchy. A generation ago people went to church because it was what you did, whether you really believed or not. That doesn’t happen now.  So anyone who walks in is willing to be there, and we need to be ready to love that person without reservation. Because that’s how Jesus loves us.
            Pastor Cazin said that the next step after following is believing, and that the last step is obeying. Pastor Cazin pointed out that believing is easy, because it doesn’t require any change. Obeying is what turns the world upside down. The early Christians radically changed their world. They overthrew the government and changed society. They were not afraid of death. What could we do if we were not afraid? What could we do if we didn’t stay in the warm fuzziness of belief and Sunday morning worship?   
            Let’s Go!