Friday, November 20, 2015

Remembering our history

Last Sunday Pastor Caz went through Psalms 77, where the writer laments God’s silence in the first half of the poem, and then in a drastic turn, he then chooses to focus on God’s deeds. There’s no explanation for the turn in the poem. There is no indication that God spoke to the writer. The writer just chose to change his focus. We can learn a lot from that approach. I loved how Caz shared some of his family history. We all have times when we feel as if God is silent and not answering our prayers. There is great suffering in the world.
            When we can, in our own lives and in the lives of our families, we need to remember the times God answered us. The times He spoke to keep us from riding a bike into the street. The time He guided us to the right job, or the right college, or the right neighborhood. The times He spoke to someone with addiction and a new path was chosen. The mornings we wake up in a warm house with a healthy family.
            Dark times are real. It is not always easy to have faith that God is listening. Let us remember those bright moments when we knew God heard our cries. Write them in journals, in documents, tell them as bedtime stories to your children or as part of holiday traditions. Post it to social media. Whatever it takes for us to remember the deeds of a God great enough to make water tremble. (Psalm 77:16)

Beth Kropf