Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Showing up to church with Axe Body Spray

Towards the end of the sermon, Caz said the resurrection was in fact not the miracle, it was normal. I’m still thinking about what that might mean. It might mean that it is just as easy for God to raise the dead as to whisper the quiet peace to help us get through a difficult day.  I was thinking this Easter that God didn’t have to roll the stone away to get to Jesus. He rolled the stone away to help us believe. The angel appeared to help his followers believed. Jesus appeared with pierced hands. Even if none of this had happened, Jesus would still be risen.
            God provides undeniable signs to show us His love. He knows that even though we are resurrected, we still doubt. Even Jesus’s followers brought perfume to anoint a dead body. We still live in the moment instead of the eternity where death is overcome. These moments are real and hard. Burying a loved one is real and painful.
            And yet.
            We are resurrected. We are covered by his blood. Let’s cling to the glory of Easter. Let us keep showing up, even with our doubt, ready to witness God’s love.