Wednesday, June 15, 2016

confessions of a helicopter mom

I have always been an anxious person. Going off to college was incredibly nerve-wracking, even though I was excited. Then I had children. There is no fear like the fear of harm coming to your children. I worry about the catastrophic things like a child being hit by a car and the more common things like someone making fun of my children. Part of my fear is that bad things do happen to children, from the unfortunate to the tragic.
            And yet. God goes before us. He parts waters as we step in. And because God has a son, He knows what it is like to fear for your children. God even allowed His son to go through incredible suffering. Nothing we experience will compare to that.
            Join me in laying down fear. Join me in dwelling in certainty instead of what might happen.  I am certain that God can work even where His power is not recognized, even where He is not worshiped. I am certain that God holds my girls tightly.  Join me in choosing to dwell in peace, not fear.