Wednesday, August 9, 2017

plants and jazz

Our sermon talked about the Parable of the seed in Matthew chapter 13 (read it here: Matthew 13). I really appreciate that Shane talked about how relevant the metaphors were for the listeners of the time. Growing up in the suburbs, plant metaphors are not particularly powerful for me.  But the listeners of this story understood that God had planted them, even as they were repeatedly exiled. And we, as Gentiles, have been grafted in.
            After church I had wonderful conversation with some ladies and we talked about the different backgrounds we had come from: Catholic, Jewish, Agnostic. Shane shared an excerpt from the book  “Blue Like Jazz” about a woman who read the same parable and hoped to be like the good soil where the plant grew.
            We are the good soil. We have found God even when it does not seem like we were placed in a clear path. We found God even if we were not raised in a Christian home, and even if others in our family do not join us. If we accept God, we are good soil.  If God’s seed does not grow, it is because we have turned away. God does not turn people away. He does not turn anyone away who accepts Him. Isn’t that amazing? He continually reaches out to us. He speaks, and we just have to shut up and listen.
            May we continue to be good soil. May we continue to receive all of the blessings God wants to give us. May we be a church who functions as Jesus intended, and not the way the world says things should work.  May we accept all of God’s lovely and rich soil.
                                                                        beth kropf