Tuesday, April 12, 2011

John 13: 31-14:30


Jesus knows that Peter will deny any affiliation with him the night before he is crucified and yet knowing that, Peter is still a well-loved and important disciple. He is the one that Jesus gave the name “Peter” to, because it means “rock”. God knows that we are going to fail him. We will deny him. We will make bad choices that lead us into sin. But he is going to love us anyway. We will all mess up, but Jesus is still the way to eternal life for us. Even though we will make mistakes over and over again, Jesus still wants us to try to follow his commandments and to love one another. God sent his Holy Spirit to be with us and encourage us to keep moving forward. What great news for all of us! God, thank you so much for loving us enough to send not only Jesus, who made it possible for us to be forgiven, but your Holy Spirit who encourages us and gives us comfort. Amen. CS