Monday, April 11, 2011

John 13:1-30 Jesus knows who he is and where he will be going. He is secure in God the Father’s love for him and because of this, Jesus is able to serve those around him even though, for him, servanthood means death on a cross. Being able to truly serve those around us means letting go of any pride we might be hanging on to. If we are stuck on how we look or what image we are portraying, then we will never be able to serve the way Jesus is calling us to serve. Pride gets in the way of serving our neighbors, friends, and our spouses or other significant people in our lives. We are afraid of looking weak, foolish, or being hurt emotionally and so we don’t allow ourselves to fulfill the needs of the other. If we, like Jesus, stand in the love of God however, opening ourselves to others is a lot easier. Laughter and rejection still sting, but it is not devastating when we know we are loved and living the life we are called to live. Where is Jesus calling you to have a servant’s heart? In what areas of your life do you need to let go of your pride? Heavenly Father, we want to serve those around us but we are so often fearful people. Help us to powerfully experience your love for us so that we can share that love with others. Amen. CS