Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Love All 4 - Isaiah 9:2-7

Isaiah 9:2-7

This is a familiar passage of scripture that we often hear this time of year. It foretold the birth of the Messiah and gave great hope to the people of Isreal.

God loves his creation so much that He was willing to go to drastic measures and sacrifice for our good. God knew from the beginning of time that Jesus would be necessary to save us from our sins because we are unable to help ourselves.

No matter what we have done, are doing, or will do, God still loves us and wants to redeem us. God in His infinite love for us is willing to do whatever it takes to give us an eternity with Him.

What are we willing to do to show our appreciation for an eternity with God? Are we willing to try to follow His command to love all people? We know that we will fail - but are we willing to try and keep trying? Are we willing to be that strange person who refuses to build ourselves up at anothers expense? Are we willing to show care and compassion to people who others refuse to go near?

The love of God for all people which is exemplified by Jesus' birth, life and death promise an end to war, fear, and defeat. Are we willing to take the love that we have been given and share it with the world instead of hoarding it for ourselves?


Heavenly Father, Thank you for your love of us in the middle of our unlovliness. Give us the courage and the character to pass on your love to others who have need of it. Amen.