Wednesday, October 9, 2013

little stones

I dare anyone to watch the second video of the week “Why is there Pain and Suffering” and not cry. I love hearing stories of people feeling God’s presence in a very real way when they are suffering. If we can feel God in our suffering, then there is a comfort in that.  If we can’t, let us be on our knees crying out to feel His presence. As I said before, I certainly don’t have a complete answer for why God allows suffering and would run from anyone who claimed to know very specifically why God allowed a certain event to happen. What I do know is that God uses everything for His purpose, even when it is really miserable for us on earth, and that the Holy Spirit cries out for us with groaning that cannot be uttered (Romans 8:26).  What I do know as a mother is that there is nothing worse than allowing my daughter to feel the pain of her choices and see her not learn. If I am suffering, I don’t want to miss whatever God is trying to show me about myself or about His love.  I see people have hard things happen to them and become bitter martyrs. I’ve also seen people have horrible things happen and become more compassionate and kind.  I listen to very little Christian music, but I love the artist Nicole Nordeman. Her song “Rolling River God” is a beautiful piece about pain. It contains this line: “Little stones are smooth only once the water passes through.”  If we must endure pain, let us become more beautiful through it.