Wednesday, October 16, 2013

our treasure

In Caz’s sermon on Sunday he talked about how the Bible was written as story (not meaning that it is not true, but as opposed to a manual or encyclopedia).  God wired us to be drawn to stories. It is why we get lumps in our throats when watching a touching T.V. show, even though we know that it is fiction. Is it how we remember lessons from the Bible- the Prodigal son, a baby placed a basket in a river.  God created us to be touched by the personal.
            John Gardner contends in his book “On Moral Fiction” that the highest purpose of literature is to make us want to be better people. That thought stuck with me more than any other lesson in graduate school, and it is why I defend writing as my primary ministry.  (If you don’t enjoy reading literature it means you’re not reading the good stuff. Come see me for a reading list.) The Bible is the finest piece of literature as it is God-breathed. It is a beautifully written, true story.

 The story needs to change our lives. Daily.

God came to earth as a man, and sacrificed His life to save us from our sins. There is no better story than that. There is no greater truth. As Caz said, the Bible is all we have from God, and it is all we need.
            How much would our lives change if we dwelled in the Word daily? If we filled our minds with God’s truth before facing our world? If we had the wisdom and discernment from Scripture at the forefront of our minds?  Let us treasure the unmatched love letter God wrote to us.