Friday, March 21, 2014

On "Hearing God" by Dallas Williard

It didn’t take me long to find another book to make me squirm a little.  A while ago Caz recommended “Hearing God” by Dallas Williard.  We all wrestle with decisions and want to know God’s Will. I thought of this as an honorable pursuit, but already in chapter 1 Williard is making me think differently. He says “My extreme preoccupation with knowing God’s will for me may only indicate, contrary to what is often thought, that I am overconcerned with myself, not a Christlike interest in the well-being of others or in the glory of God.”
            When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had incredible anxiety about her health, even though I had no reason medically to be concerned.  The only way I could move past it was to pray for my pregnant friends who actually were having complications.  I am certain that my anxiety did not in any way contribute to my healthy baby girl.
            While we should certainly seek God’s will, being consumed with anxiety does not honor God and is not from God. Wise friends have told me that if I seek God He will not let me be outside His will. I hope this is true.  I hope this book helps me stop being as self-centered in my search for His words. I hope to ask for God to speak to others as often, or more often, than I ask Him to speak to me.
Elizabeth Kropf