Friday, September 23, 2016

Communion and Community

Last Sunday I was ordained as an elder, as my dad talked about in his post. For anyone  not there, I was immediately put to work to help with communion on the same Sunday.  There is nothing more humbling than serving communion. It is me, my imperfect self, serving the elements to the church. I served communion to my parents and grandfather! I served communion to the pastor! What?
            Then in the women’s bible study this week we talked about communion and how in some churches you can’t have communion if you are divorced or weren’t married in the church. I am so glad that LiveOak church does not abide by those rules. I love that Caz emphasizes every time: “This is not LiveOak’s table, this is not a Presbyterian Table, this is God’s table.”Anyone who has a relationship with Christ can partake.
            In our Bible study we talked about inclusion, and how we need to include everyone, even if it makes us uncomfortable.  I want our church to be radically inclusive. I do not want my children to only go to church with children who look like them and talk like them. I want anyone to be able to walk into our church and be welcomed warmly.  
            Communion and community are about being God’s children. Let us allow ourselves to be uncomfortable. Let us teach our children that everyone belongs at God’s table. If we listen, God will place people in our lives that we need to invite to church, or even just invite into our lives and our hearts. And we, at Live Oak, will serve communion to anyone who asks.

Beth Kropf