Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ebenezer - it's not just Scrooge's first name

In our Women's Bible Study we talked about what an Ebenezer was. It is from when God parted the waters to allow the Israelites to pass through. Later Joshua had leaders gather stones from the river bed to remember how God has worked mightily. An Ebenezer is an alter of remembrance.
     In our Bible study, we each selected a stone and shared a story of how God had worked in our lives. It is appropriate that there is a packet of tissue in the picture I took. There were many tears shed as we shared stories of how God had met us, at times at death's door. Then we piled our rocks.
      I took mine home to help me remember that morning. To help me remember the amazing stories of God in our lives, and to help me remember to pray for those for whom God has not yet parted the waters.
  I invite anyone who wants to share their story to send it to me, and I will post it on the blog. More importantly, let us build piles of stones to help us remember God's faithfulness. Let us pass our stories down to our children.
Beth Kropf