Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Lent 101

Lent 101
After not observing Lent last year and being woefully unprepared spiritually for Easter, I made sure I would observe this year. I did not grow up observing Lent, but I have observed some years since joining Live Oak Church.  The purpose of Lent is to prepare our hearts for Easter. We can give up something, or add something.  When we give up something that is part of our lives, whenever we crave the food or habit, we are reminded of Jesus’ sacrifice.  Lent can also be observed by adding something to our lives. We can add reading Scripture, listening to worship music, or increase our giving to the church.
            What I love about Lent is that it is part of our own personal journey.  It is not an obligation, and what we sacrifice is specific to what is most effective for us.  In previous years I have fasted from chocolate, which is extremely hard when Cadbury eggs start coming out. This year, and in previous years, I am fasting from my Facebook newsfeed. Facebook is not bad, but I spend too much time on it.
            Instead of looking at Facebook when I first wake up, I am reading through the gospel of John.  On Sundays, when we pause from our sacrifice to celebrate the resurrection, I will gobble up my newsfeed and my thumbs will be sore. But hopefully I will do so after being immersed in Scripture, and spending more time thinking about how great the cost of salvation was. I hope you join me.
Beth Kropf