Thursday, February 15, 2018

Intermittent Lent Update Day 1

I am really pathetic. The first day of Lent I was already trying to renegotiate my sacrifice. How can I possibly sacrifice when we have decided to take away my toddler’s pacifier? The toddler who comes unglued when she can't wear purple socks? How about I just stay off Facebook when the kids are in school and reward myself with it at the end of the day? That sounds balanced, right? I saw a friend request when I went on to post the blog and if I don't accept until Sunday WHAT WILL SHE THINK OF ME?
         Talk about first world problems.
       So I wrestled but did not cave. This morning instead of looking at pictures of children who let their parents brush their hair, I read about Jesus and the Samaritan woman. This is one of my favorite stories, because Jesus broke the rules and was loving and respectful to a woman who was not respected in her community. He talked about Living Water. Trying to get any kind of satisfaction from Facebook is fleeting. I will be thirsty again. Scripture is God’s love letter to us, and I will have a better day if I dwell on those words. 
Beth Kropf


Kristin February 16, 2018 at 4:20 PM  

Thanks for your honesty, Beth! This is great. I'm sorry that the end of pacifier days corresponded with the beginning of lent! Ha! Thanks for sharing. :)