Thursday, March 1, 2018

Intermittent Lent Update #2

There must be social media in heaven. Imagine what kind of amazing system there must be to tell everyone All The Things. I know there are disadvantages to social media. But heaven will take care of that.
I am still struggling with my pathetic, first-world sacrifice of giving up Facebook.  In some ways it has helped me be more productive, but the Not Sharing Good Things has been tough. I knew when I decided to give up Facebook for Lent that I would have a half marathon during that time. One of the best parts of finishing races is posting the pictures and seeing how many people “like” them.  There was certainly a shortening of my runner’s high without this.
I have been thinking about how lonely Jesus must have felt on Earth. Even His disciples could not be good friends in His darkest hours. He must have felt so disconnected. It is ridiculous to compare me giving up Facebook to this. I still have contact with friends in other ways. But I am glad that this longing has helped me remember Jesus’s suffering. It was not just the cross. It was a lifetime of isolation. Even some of His brothers did not believe He was the Messiah.
Lent is helping me prepare for Easter. I am anxious for our day of celebration. Not just for salvation for us, but to celebrate that Jesus is no longer alone.  He paid such a high price to call us children.
Beth Kropf