Monday, November 21, 2011

The Story - endings

If you missed Caz' sermon on the Book of the Revelation yesterday, I highly recommend you listen to it. It's great!

As my computer is in for repairs and I am blogging from my phone, today's entry is going to be short and sweet.

We finished up our 'Story' series yesterday. A quick, four week tour of the New Testament. Hopefully, that quick overview has whetted your appetite for more and you are ready to dive into the Bible a little deeper. If so, we have just the thing for you!

Next Sunday is the First Sunday in Advent. The season in the church year where we prepare for the birth of Christ. Most stories have an ending, but the story of God's love for His people goes on infinitely through time. God constantly calls us to him in new ways. Every year, we have the opportunity to re-visit the birth of Christ and remember or possibly understand for the first time how God came to us in the form of a helpless baby who would give up his life for ours.

It is a story that is full of wonder and new beginnings. Starting next Monday, I will be writing a daily blog Monday - Friday of The Advent season. I hope that you will find these daily blogs a way to renew your acquaintance with Scripture and find the true meaning of Christmas that lies outside of the hustle and bustle of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the rest of the Holiday gift buying frenzy. To go along with our 'unplugging' of Christmas this year, Live Oak will have an opportunity each week of Advent to sere the community here in central Texas. From providing needed items and gifts for kids and families in the Leander School District, to caroling in a nursing home, to passing out food with CAFB's mobile Wheels of Sharing program, we will have plenty of opportunities for you and your entire family to serve this Advent Season.

Please come join us as we remember why we celebrate Christmas and put the focus back on Christ.