Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Worship Fully - Day 3 (Luke 1:45-55)

Luke 1:45-55

Mary sang this wonderful song of worship and praise to God when it was confirmed by her cousin Elizabeth that she was truly pregnant with the long awaited messiah. Instead of being filled with fear at the situation she found herself in (as an unmarried, pregnant teenager with an uncertain future), Mary turned to God and worshipped Him.

Instead of complaining to God about the difficult situation He had put her in, Mary praised God for His care of those who are small and poor in the world's eyes. Rather than asking God to make Joseph marry her and secure her earthly position, Mary gave thanks to God for choosing her as His servant. Instead of asking God to make sure her life was easy because she was bearing the Christ child, Mary praised God for fulfilling his promise to deliver his people.

Mary knew that worship is about God, not her. When Mary praised God for His actions, the praise was all about God and not about Mary. Worship is participating in something outside of ourselves, for something other than our own need. To fully worship God is to recognize God's greatness and our smallness and yet be truly aware of His great love for us.

When we open ourselves to God's greatness and holiness, we can not help but truly worship.

Almighty God, you come to us as a small, helpless baby. Help us to see your greatness shining out of that manger throne in Bethlehem and open our own hearts to fully worship you and you alone. Amen.CS


Anonymous December 2, 2011 at 9:08 AM  

I love the specific examples of how Mary responded and how she worshipped and praised God. She didn't ask for things - she just thanked him and worshipped him.

Thank you for these blog messages / mini sermons !