Sunday, December 11, 2011

Give More 1 (Matthew 4:18-22)

Matthew 4:18-22

It is ironic, but the person the whole Advent season revolves around usually isn't included on our gift lists. When we make out our Christmas gift lists we include family members, friends, and co-workers but we don't usually put Jesus on that list.

This year, maybe we should spend more time thinking about what we can give to the child who was born in a stable and placed in a manger to sleep.

When Jesus called Simon Peter and Andrew, and then James and John to follow Him, these four men did not hesitate. They put down their nets and followed Jesus. This may not sound like a life-altering decision. In our minds we might think an equivalent action might be to stop washing the car or the dishes to go do something with our church for the day. The action of these four men, however, was much bigger than this. These men gave their lives to Jesus when they put down their nets and walked away from their boats and father. These men and their families lived day to day depending on the day's catch. A loss of a day's work would have tremendous consequences for them yet they chose Jesus over the safety of their regular routine.

Have we really chosen to gift our lives to Jesus? Are we mindful of how our daily actions honor or dishonor God?

If we choose to gift Jesus with our lives this Christmas it will change everything. It will change the way we think about others. It will change the way we interact with strangers and those we love. It will change the way we use the resources God has given to us. This Christmas, let's think about how we can spend less and yet give more.

Father God, help us to give our hearts to you. Help us to know that in your hands, our lives are in the safest place they could possibly be. Give us the ability to be generous with all the gifts you have given to us instead of keeping them for ourselves. Amen.