Tuesday, March 15, 2011

John 1: 19-34

How much clearer could John the Baptist be in his witness to Jesus being the son of God? Here is a man who has enormous power and authority among the people as a religious leader and could easily create what is called in the modern day church, ‘the cult of the pastor’. Yet instead of falling prey to this temptation, John continuously points to Jesus rather than to himself. John refuses to take any pride in the calling God has placed upon him but continually works to do the will of God and testify to Jesus’ holiness and divinity.

Can we say the same of ourselves and the way we conduct ourselves in the world? How often does the sin of pride catch us and hold us, causing us to cry out “look at me, look at me” rather than point to the one who is truly worthy of praise?

Almighty God, forgive us for our pride. Help us to be confident in the gifts you have given to us but to always remember that they are your gifts and we are your children. Give us true heart-felt knowledge of your love for us that we might be able to fully stand in your love and point to you, rather than to ourselves. Amen.