Thursday, March 31, 2011

John 8:2-30 Jesus has something to tell us about judgement in this morning’s passage. Do you notice how quickly he disperses the crowd accusing the woman caught in adultery? He asks for anyone without sin to cast the first stone upon her. The only one there without sin is Jesus and rather than using his own judgement he uses the Truth of God to point out where people are wrong. Jesus doesn’t make judgements based on his own opinions like we do, he simply holds up a mirror of truth to those around him. Jesus makes the point that there is no room for judgement from those who are also in a position to be judged. Despite our sinful nature, however, we are not lost causes. God still wants to be in relationship with us. Jesus continues to tell the people around him that he is the way to life. Accepting that gift of life, however, comes with the responsibilty of a response. Once our sin has been pointed out to us (whether our enlightment (not judgement) comes from prayer, scripture or a friend), we have a responsibility to respond. We can continue in what we are doing or we can confess, repent and move forward in our lives, attempting with God’s help to not repeat that particular sin. It is a lot easier to point to other people’s sin than to our own. Take some time today to think about where you are in need of repentance and forgiveness in your own life. God, forgive us for being so willing to point the finger at others, rather than at ourselves. Help us to see where we are sinning in our own lives and help us to accept and repent of those sins. Through your power, we ask that we would be released from the hold that a particular sin has on our lives. Amen.