Friday, March 25, 2011

John 5

There are lots of examples of someone being healed in John's gospel (he calls them signs).  Every one of them is more than just a quick story about a miracle.  They tell us something about who Jesus is.  In this one, there was actually a Greek god who the people living around Israel believed would "stir the waters."  The Jewish man we encounter today would do whatever it takes to be healed.  Otherwise, he couldn't work, and couldn't care for his family.  In some way, he didn't feel whole.  Jesus asks him if he wanted to "get well" - it seems like a silly question.  But Jesus was highlighting something more here.  It was like he was saying: if you really want to be whole, no other god can do that.  This morning, I wonder if there is an area in your life where you need healing?  Chapter 5 points out (like much of the rest of John) that Jesus really is God - the one who created everything and the one who is setting things straight.  Do you really want to be healed?  Are you trying to fix it other ways, or are you looking to Jesus.

Take some time this morning to invite Jesus into your most broken places.  Listen for his voice because he just might invite you to, "take up your mat and walk."

(Caz Minter)