Tuesday, March 29, 2011

John 7:1-24

http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=john%207:1-24&version=TNIV In this passage we see that Jesus’ followers are starting to become disgruntled. Jesus’ brothers offer him worldy advice - they tell him to go do miracles in Judea where many of his followers will be found. It is basically the modern day adage that all publicity is good publicity. Jesus’ brothers were not seeing Him as the son of God, but as a miracle worker who wanted to have a following. At this point in John, the author is again reiterating that Jesus is more interested in speaking the truth than in being well liked. Jesus continues to tell the people that they are doing things they shouldn’t be doing (7:7). Jesus did not come to us because he wanted to win a popularity contest. On the contrary, Jesus came knowing that he would be hated, beaten, and crucified for saving us from our sins. Jesus highlights the people’s hypocrisy in today’s passage and urges them to make good judgements. What is interesting to note is that Jesus is not writing people off when they are make bad judgments or turn away from him. He tells them the truth and expects them to make good choices with that information. Jesus doesn't even leave them behind when they don't - he continues to witness to them in the hope that they will begin to understand what he is saying and change their lives. How wonderful that we have a Savior who is so patient with our foolish choices! What are some things that pressure you to make choices you know are not the right ones? How do you resist those pressures? God, give us wisdom to know how you want us to live and the strength to follow through and make good choices. Help us to honor you above the world and to know that the eternal is so much more valuable than the temporal. Amen. CS