Monday, March 28, 2011

John 6:25-71 Whoever thinks that the Bible isn’t offensive hasn’t been reading it lately. At the beginning of today’s passage, there are huge numbers of people following Jesus because he is caring for their earthly needs. As soon as he begins to tell them that they are being short-sighted in what they want from Him, they become offended. In fact, at this point in the story, everyone leaves Jesus except the twelve disciples. Do we understand that Jesus is the only way? That we really can’t do it on our own? We don’t like being told that we are going the wrong way when everyone and everything around us says the opposite. The people who were following Jesus and then abruptly left him when he began to speak with eternal authority were not looking for too much, they were actually looking for too little. They were asking for what they thought they needed and became angry when Jesus offered them what they truly needed. How do we respond when God speaks through those around us to tell us to change our course? Do we listen or do we become angry and turn away? God, please help us to hear your voice of wisdom through the roar of everyday life. Give us the ability and desire to change course when we stray and to look to you to keep us on track. Amen. CS


Anonymous April 10, 2011 at 1:52 AM  

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