Monday, March 14, 2011

John 1:1-18

In the first few verses of John we read a synopsis of God’s work in the world from Creation to Redemption. We see from the beginning the affirmation of the Trinity – that the creative work of the Father is the creative work of the Son and Holy Spirit as well. We also see that in our sin, humankind has failed to understand the redemptive love of God in Christ despite the many people (like John the Baptist) who point us towards it and hold it up for us to see. Lucky for us, God never gives up on us – no matter what we do or what dark corner of life we find ourselves in, nothing can extinguish the light of Christ in this world.

Where do you need to let the light of Christ shine in your life today? What part of your life have you tried to keep separate from Him?

Father God, help us to let the light of Christ shine in all areas of our lives, even the darkest, most sin-filled corners. Fill us with your grace and mercy that we can let go of the past and begin to receive you in every part of our lives. Amen.