Wednesday, March 16, 2011

John 1: 35-51

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The Gospel of John doesn’t wait very long to put us right into the action. In this Gospel there is no nativity story, no re-telling of Jesus’ childhood - instead we are dropped immediately into the midst of Jesus’ adult ministry. Within 16 verses, Jesus has four of the twelve disciples committed to him. This always amazes me. Most of us walk pretty slowly into the river of commitment instead of diving right in and yet these men who were chosen as Disciples jump in with just a moment’s notice. They leave their towns, their jobs, their worldly goods all behind as they are moved by faith to follow this man Jesus. All of them acknowledge that he is the Messiah.

What would it have been like to be able to see Jesus face to face and know that you were in the presence of God? What would it feel like to have no doubts about this person called Jesus (Savior) who we also claim to follow?

Father God, give us the faith to know and see your Son for who he truly is in the midst of a world that tells us he was just a good man who lived a long time ago. Give us a knowledge and peace deep in our souls that allows us to pick up and follow you, in a moment’s notice, wherever you would lead us. Amen.